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assay CoL Connector makes it easy for:

assay CoL Connector is designed to be SMS agnostic, so it doesn't matter what SMS you are using, we want to work with you and your data.

If you are interested in being part of the CoL Connector, or have any questions about this, then please get in touch.

Beta Users: log in here.

As part of your CoL Connector licence, you also get access to assay3. The pricing for CoL Connector is the lower of $1.15 per student for all students in your CoL or the individual school subscription price for assay3 based on the following pricing:

Annual Subscription Costs:

Tier Number of Students New Price
1 1-300 $350
2 301-750 $575
3 751-1200 $900
4 1201-1750 $1,350
5 1751-2250 $2,200
6 2251+ $2,750
We calculate the cheaper option for your CoL and invoice you accordingly.
All licences are for 12 months and this pricing excludes GST.

The Hosting fee is $75.
The Hourly training rate is $125 per hour.

CoL Connector is currently in beta testing... contact us for more information or if you want to get involved or you can subscribe to updates from assay here.